Reducing Tee


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John Guest Speedfit manufactured in the UK, re-usable, Simple to use reducing tees for fitting copper or plastic piping select your reduced fitting from the options below. root protection & corrosion free.

  • Seal & Grip Connection
  • Non Toxic
  • Lead Free
  • Hot & Cold uses

PEM302815AW | PEM3015AW | PEM3022CW | PEM3015BW |  PEM3028AW |  PEM3022DW | PEM302815AW | PEM302810AW | PEM302210AW | PEM3022AW | PEM3028DW | PEM3028BW

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Reducing Tee Sizes

15MM X 15MM X 22MM, 15MM X 15MM X 10MM, 15MM X 10MM X 10MM, 22MM X 22MM X 15MM, 22MM X 22MM X 10MM, 22MM X 15MM X 22MM, 22MM X 15MM X 15MM, 28MM X 28MM X 15MM, 28MM X 28MM X 22MM, 28MM X 22MM X 28MM, 28MM X 22MM X 22MM, 28MM X 28MM X 10MM